'LHH: ATL' Season 8 Reunion: 'Drunk' Akbar V Allegedly 'Drop-Kicked' Shekinah During Filming

'LHH: ATL' Season 8 Reunion: 'Drunk' Akbar V Allegedly 'Drop-Kicked' Shekinah During Filming

The reality TV star later continues ranting in a now-deleted Instagram Live which seemingly takes place amid the filming and features her fiercely yelling and screeming at her castmate.

Oh, no! Cast members of season 8 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” gathered on Wednesday, June 12 to film the reunion special when things escalated as Akbar V went violent to castmate Shekinah Jo Anderson.

A source who was at the reunion show revealed to MTO News that it started after Akbar went off against Shekinah. “Sierra was talking to Shekinah, and all of a sudden Akbar interrupted them, and started acting belligerent,” the insider explained. The insider went on saying it seemed like Akbar was under influence at the time, saying, “I really think she was drunk or something.”

“Akbar started saying all kinds of stuff to Shekinah, and then brought up Shekinah’s best friend Tiny [Tameka Cottle], and started saying terrible things about her too,” the source continued.

Shekinah reportedly then stood up, trying to confront Akbar. However, considering that Akbar is physically bigger than Shekinah, it was seemingly a bad decision on Shekinah’s part. “Akbar V is a big girl, but she jumped in the air and drop kicked Shekinah,” said the source. “With both legs. And Akbar got up there. She looked like that big guy Zion that played [basketball] for Duke.”

Fortunately, Shekinah wasn’t injured due to the kick. Security quickly grabbed Akbar and escorted her off the stage before things went worse.

The reality TV star later continued ranting in a now-deleted Instagram Live which seemingly took place amid the filming. She could be heard yelling and screeming at Shekinah. “Dumb a** b***h I get no name off T.I., Tiny, ‘Family Hustle’, VH1, b***h I been self-made,” Akbar yelled during the broadcast. “I grinded for this s**t h** you riding your best-friend coattail you punk p***y a** h**, you ain’t gone do nothing. I don’t give one f***s.”

When someone, whom fans assumed as a “LHH: Atlanta” staff member, asked Akbar why she was bringing up an issue from two years ago, she responded fiercely, “Because it didn’t get solved.” Shekinah previously claimed that Akbar barged into Tiny’s studio session, though it remains unclear when the incident actually happened.

During the explosive live broadcast, Akbar also accused Shekinah of talking bad about her children. “Don’t bring up anything about my child!” the Atlanta native said. “If you don’t like me, you shouldn’t speak about them kids, period, because I’m going to feel offended. … If you say, ‘You need to be in the house with your child,’ I’ll feel offended.”

While Shekinah has yet to address the alleged physical altercation, Akbar wrote a cryptic message on her Instagram account. “I’m humbled enough to know God fights my battles I’m understanding that every battle not meant for me to fight i pray i thank God for it all no regrets,” so she wrote alongside a photo of her in what seemed like the filming set.

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