Janet Jackson Recalls the Fun of Growing Up With Exotic Animals

Janet Jackson Recalls the Fun of Growing Up With Exotic Animals

The 53-year-old details the impressive creature collection of exotic animals for pets that she used to have at home in addition to gushing over her daughter’s love for music.

Janet Jackson once had an array of exotic animals for pets, including a giraffe.

The 53-year-old looked back on the impressive creature collection she had growing up during a sit down with “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday (February 10), recalling the fun she had with them as a kid.

“We had so many animals growing up,” she shared. “We had fawn, Mouflon sheep, peacocks, a giraffe … just all kinds of animals. It was my job to feed them, to clean them.”

But the singer and mum to son Eissa revealed her busy schedule these days doesn’t allow her the time to care for such an extensive brood.

“It’s very tiring,” she added. “You never get enough sleep … My mother did it (without a nanny), her mother did it, why not? Why can’t I? I’m sure I will need someone in the future for some help here and there, but I don’t have anyone, and I love it.”

These days, the “If” hitmaker is enjoying watching the three year old discover a love of music, noting how much he loves instruments.

“…I came home with a toy violin, showed him one time how to hold it and that was it. Then I bought him a real violin and he got so excited. He sleeps with it,” she shares. “He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with it. I show him little kids playing violin on the iPad, then he was finding them himself, all these child prodigies. He creates melodies.”